Thursday, October 4, 2007

HIFK, what's going on?

After few good games the season has gone down the drain. There have been four games, zero points:

HIFK-Lukko 0-1
HIFK-KalPa 0-2
Kärpät-HIFK 3-1

It's been pretty miserable for HIFK fans. First there was bizarre one minute horrorshow against JYP. After that they lost 0-1 against Lukko and then hopefully seasons lowest moment 0-2 defeat against KalPa. Yesterdays defeat against Kärpät wasn't so strange but at least now they got one goal. Sounds pathetic but maybe now they'll understand it pretty hard to win games without scoring.

Game against Lukko wasn't something one would hope for saturday evening. First period was ok, there were a lot of chances and it looked like things are going ok. After that something wierd happened and second and third period were just miserable.

Mondays game was even worse. Nothing was learned from saturday so KalPa got their points easier than Lukko. In post-game interview Mikko Laine said that it was KalPa who were good but I don't think that's the case. HIFK was just so awful it might have looked like it was KalPa that were good. Yes they did win but they didn't really have to do anything else than stand in the center of ring while HIFK was circling around the ice. At one time it looked like HIFK was about to get back to game but after a while Tuppurainen got the second goal. In tuesday they lost to Kärpät but it's not so strange. Kärpät are pretty good and they're playing for the gold while HIFK plays just to get season over. Hopefully things will bet better but I'm a little skeptic about that.

If you've read Jatkoaika there are a lot of talk about who should go. Manager Pentti Matikainen has had his chances in the HIFK so looks like he's the one who is going to go. I wonder will it happen sooner or later? Maybe after season there might be changes in management but who knows.. I doubt that even the HIFK board doesn't know what to do.

Tomorrow's game is against Ilves and while writing this Arttu Luttinen will return to HIFK. I don't know will that help anything but maybe he will go to goal to put the puck in the net.

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Aapo said...

I'm not gonna write a separate post about it...but how in the hell is this possible???

It's a rare injury in hockey, but Lars (der Junge) Helminen has got a puck in his face in practice, and his jaw now is in pieces. He'll be out till the end of November. His brother Dwight (der Alte) missed the start of the season for exactly the same reason. Lars had lost two of his teet in a similar accident shortly afterwards.

"Jaws - On Ice"