Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Against the world

Today I read Mika Nieminen's column in Helsingin Sanomat. There was some general stuff about the league, but one interesting point was about Matt Nickerson's five game ban because of his current contribution to the Ässät. In there Nieminen said that it was somewhat over exaggerated but it would would have been standard if Nickerson had played in HIFK-team.

That actually is very true. Some pretty strange stuff has happened when HIFK has been part of it. When Shedden coached the HIFK and they had quite a lot of fights S/M-Liiga (yeah /-character is used in purpose) ruled that HIFK has to pay 10000 € because it causes bad influence to league. In the same year
Ässät paid about 1000 € for similar reasons. Anyway I have no idea were those ever paid to anyone. Hopefully not.

At one time there was also a rule that no rulings could be made after the game IF match official hadn't made note about something that had happened. Anyway they changed that and after that they gave Raimo Summanen a fine about his comments about the league. What they didn't do was to penalize Otakar Janecky (he was playing Jokerit) while he tried to kick Lukko's Jarmo Kuusisto. I couldn't find a video but at times I saw it in the news. Janecky was in ground and he tried to kick Kuusisto with the both of his skates. This episode had happened before Summanen's comments and it might have been a good example too.

On the other news HIFK won two games before the break. First there was 2-6 win against the Blues and after that they won Ässät in penalties. I can't really tell is it a good thing or just pure luck. I heard that Blues goalie Bernd Bruckler didn't have his best day so who knows. After the break there's away game against KalPa and if things go as they usually to go you might want to bet your money against HIFK. KalPa has won three games this season and you probably can guess which team was associated with one of them.


Anonymous said...

Good stuff.

I was surprised that you were Canadian because of some words that you use.

in ground=on ice
away game=road game

Makes no difference but Canadians have their own hockey lingo.

And I mean HOCKEY lingo because nobody in Canada plays ice-hockey. That's for foreigners.

Keep up the good work, or hobby I quess.

yvresgyros said...

This post was written by mjw, my good Anonymous friend. There is only one Canadian writing here and he uses the words
suspension for suspension, game for game, sur la glace for on ice, shootout for shootout and match sur la route for road game.

He can't skate for shit though, so the rumour that Canadians don't play ice hockey still stands.

mjw said...

Yeah it was me. Finnish is my native language so there might serious spelling etc. errors.

Hopefully things will get better but at least now it's pretty difficult.

egan said...

Mika, I can and do use all those terms. I think they come from an education in offside traps and 4-4-2s rather than penalty killing and checking. I will endeavour to learn the new vocabulary, though...