Friday, October 12, 2007

Oh and peace broke out in the world

Helsingin Sanomat brings news (in Finnish) of cats and dogs living together - or, as they put it, of Jokerit supporters and the Hämeenlinna hockey arena settling their row.

It got started during last season's playoffs when a group of Jokerit supporters, displeased with the seating arrangements, took out their displeasure on the seats. The Rinkelinmäki folks responded by banning said fans and a few extra besides from the arena until they cough up 5'000 euros.

Now JF-Club, a Jokerit fan club, has agreed to pay for a portion of the damages, although the figure is well short of the demanded sum. Rinkelinmäki, for its part, will once again be open even to Jokerit supporters.

And they didn't even need Martti Ahtisaari to mediate.


Anonymous said...

And how would they decide who is Jokerit supporter at the door?

5-year-old kid with Jokerit sweater would be turned back at the door?

And is it really legal in Finland?

egan said...

I think these particular Jokerit fans are easily identifiable. They went to Jyväskylä last year for a game that was postponed, and caused no end of trouble at petrol stations on the way home before allegedly trashing a bar owned by the Hells Angels when they got back to Helsinki.

they travel on buses and get their tickets directly from the club, so it would take a very different modus operandi for them to beat the ban.

That said, I think they add a lot to the sport in this country, and they make the atmosphere much better.

Ari said...

Yeah, the fans in question are organized, which makes banning them easier - as a group. I believe the ban didn't apply to individual Jokerit fans and even if it had, it couldn't have been enforced with any reliability.