Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Or Mika 3 Ari 2 in HiF contributors terms. Highlights are here.

EDIT-Highlights are available if you go to http://www.mtv3.fi and click on the netti tv link at the top of the page. Then go to 'urheilu' and then click on 'tulosruutu' in the left hand column. Then click on 'HIFK kaatui HPK'n liiga avauksessa'.

I would post the latest standings, but I think you can guess what they are. Ryan Vesce scored the first goal of the SM Liiga season, and there were a few empty seats at the 8,000 capacity Helsinki Ice hall. I'm new to this and I can't find the attendance figures just now, but hopefully we can see just how popular hockey is in this country over the course of the season.

I read recently that JyP need an average attendance of 3,900 to break even this year, a 400 increase on last year. The budgets of sports clubs are notoriously hard to decipher even in Finland, and we won't know how accurate that figure is until next year. But it would be good to compare, given the big crowds football clubs have secured this season (TPS being the shining light in this regard) and the numerous sell out or near sellout crowds at the Olympic Stadium for Roy'n Boy'n.

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Ari said...

Looking at the positive, Chiodo is still good and star signing Nurminen scored. Looking at the negative, the score could have easily been worse (based on the radio commentary at least).