Thursday, September 13, 2007

Two down, several to go

HIFK started the season with a 3-2 win against HPK. Like the scores says it was pretty close game. First HIFK got everything their way after Vesce and Kuhta scored. Then the typical thing and they let the HPK back in the game. To the section A6 it looked like it was thanks to Jan Lundell. Petrell got the third goal and that was enough to win the game.

To me the game itself didn't look so good. Maybe it was a just the problem with first game of the season. Of course winning is cool but the game itself was somewhat slow and a bit boring. HIFK coach Baxter was pleased with the game. I don't know why he said but it might be that he'was trying to take some pressure off the shoulders of goalie Jan Lundell and other players. I was certain they would lose the game after HPK got their two goals. HIFK did have really good chances but they couldn't kill the game because Any Chiodoo was pretty awesome. Luckily other HPK players weren't so good. HPK did beat TPS (score 4-1) today so maybe things will change in their end.

While writing this HIFK got their second win of the season. This time they beat local rivals Jokerit 0-3 (goals: Heikkinen 1, Murray 2). I only saw the goals from Canal+ so I really can't tell anything about the game. Somewhat surprising result but 3 points are always appreciated. Fan views about the game can be found at game thread. Something in english might be available at english section of the HIFK website.

So this was the first comment to this blog. Hopefully the grammar isn't too bad and I hope that future writings will be more interesting. I don't know how long that will take but hopefully not 110 years.


egan said...

Cheers Mika, and welcome! I have a football related query, though.

This section A6 - is it where Stadin Kingit go? Do they even bother with hockey or do they just stick to HIFK soccer?

mjw said...

Last year they were at the higher section (E8 I think). This year things are bit different because B2 Reds moved from B2 to D3-D4 -section. I don't know if they have their own section...

Actually they go to other HIFK games too.